Astore Quarry Restoration Project - A Nonprofit Organization Located in the Berkshires
Invasive honeysuckle, vines and buckthorn. 
Many landowners have no idea of the different programs that the State of Massachusetts has in place to conserve forested acreage, protect our natural resources and landscapes, while preserving wildlife habitats and ecosystems of Western Massachusetts.
Our conservation plan was written by Kate Parsons and Nick Pitel, both of the USDA- NRCS located in Pittsfield.  Our forest management plan was written by State Foresters, Tom Ryan and Scott Shove, both of the Department of Conservation Recreation.  The many diversities of flora and fauna, along with the geological terrain, river and wetlands and wildlife, all aspects of Outdoor Education can be researched and studied here.
The Williams River and wetlands - looking northeast.  The Williams River slowly flows through the property, the riparian areas and the wetlands are thick with invasive grasses & shrubs.  The habitats of turtles, frogs, ducks, kingfishers and a variety of fish & water fowl are being overgrown and threatened.  Our mission is to protect, our natural resources, enhance & restore native plants, and riparian areas.
Williams River and wetlands - looking northwest.
 By creating an educational and informational center, directed towards education, research and hands on learning opportunities, the next generation will be able to understand and prevent environmental ignorance, for generations to come.
We are currently seeking donations and support to restore the old rail bridge in its original location, along side of the loading dock, for pedestrians and equipment to cross safely over the Williams River!   If you would like to donate to our project you can do so Online!  Our fiscal sponsor is Steve Meltzer at  Donations through "lcat" are 100% tax deductible!  (click the link, go to the drop down menu under "Programs")
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