Astore Quarry Restoration Project - A Nonprofit Organization Located in the Berkshires
Earth Sciences, Outdoor Education, Forest Management, River, Wetland and Habitat Preservation
Our projects' fundamental mission is being the "hands on" teaching tool for future generations of students, and individuals, in the research and study of earth sciences, outdoor education, conservation issues and education, in fields of; geology, botany, entomology, wildlife habitats, wetland & river protection, and, the research of native and endangered species of flora and fauna. 
Flowering BellwortWe started this project in 2006.  In 2011 we joined the Forest Stewardship Program, through the U.Mass. Extension at Amherst.  A forest management plan was designed by our State Forester for the restoration and management of 14 acres of forested land for sustainable forest products; lumber, firewood, wild & medicinal edibles, gardens and maple syrup!
Acres of ramps & leeks!In 2012 we became an educational nonprofit, where other landowners of forested acreage, can find information through the U.Mass. Extension Programs & the Keystone Project, headed by David Kittredge, which educates land owners of forested acreage to the benefits of our State's conservation and land value programs.  (Chapters 61, 61a and 61b)
Through our own trial and error situations, here on the property, we have stories, for landowners, that will make you laugh & cry, information that will empower you and, a beautiful place in which to become inspired! 
Walking the logs!
413-528-6333 - Please leave me a message!
We are in need of a pedestrian bridge for our visitors and !  Right now we walk the logs!  If you can make a donation for the pedestrian bridge, please do so today! 
                Thank You!
To make an online (go to drop down menu under "Programs", follow to "Fiscal Sponsorship"  All donations through "lcatrust" are 100% tax deductible!
First log in place!
This is one way to do it!
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